To meet all the conditions, our machines have been equipped with a number of certified and safety-tested elements. Single-point simple hitch, drawbar, braked axle, brake, sharp working elements on the edge of the transport width were secured and all tests passed positively.

Our trailed and hydraulically folded rollers are subject to approval. MAXIMUS | TITANIUM | JACEK line has a permit to drive in the EU.

European approval.

The approval tests are carried out in accordance with the most recent Regulation (EU) No 167/2013.

  • S – interchangeable towed equipment (agricultural machinery)

Registration or European approval certificate – these are the current requirements of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture for agricultural machinery on the Polish market.

Pursuant to the regulation of the European Parliament, in all EU countries, machinery such as agricultural tractors, agricultural trailers and interchangeable towed equipment (in categories T, C, R and S, respectively) must have European approval and registration plates, insurance, VIN identification number (issued by the ministry) and all related documents.

Poland has so far been one of the last EU countries in which this provision has not been implemented and has not been enforced. Only agricultural trailers were subject to registration, while manure spreaders were treated by Polish law as agricultural machinery and, like e.g. plows, sprayers or seeders, were not subject to registration.
Recently, ARiMR asks applicants applying for EU funding for the purchase of machines to submit approval documents for these machines. It is also very possible that in their absence, subsidies will not be awarded.

Approval as a condition for export.

Having European approval is a priority in the company’s pro-export policy – thanks to this, the machines can be sold and registered in any EU country; they also meet the EU subsidy requirements. However, to obtain approval, devices must undergo a series of tests.

European approval is issued in one of the Member States of the European Union and is valid throughout the Union. In other words – a device with a European approval certificate can be sold and registered in any EU country. In order to obtain European approval – in accordance with EU regulations – the trailers had to undergo a series of detailed tests.
The condition for obtaining the European approval is possession Quality Management System.

Such a certificate was granted to Expom by the UCA certification body.