EXPOM SP. z o. o. Krośniewice was established in 1992, it manufactures and sells agricultural machinery and equipment for cultivation and care. In Poland, products with the EXPOM trademark are distributed through a network of over 70 trading partners, and foreign recipients come from countries such as: Germany, France, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Russia, Bulgaria , Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and England.


EXPOM is a brand that focuses on the highest quality of manufactured products, environmental protection, as well as individual adaptation of machines for the customer. The management board of the company spends all its own funds and funds obtained from European funds on the modernization of the machinery park and the construction of new facilities for the assembly and production of agricultural machinery. We create cultivation rollers, disc aggregates, cultivation units and maintenance machines. In order to constantly develop, we create machines with our own patents and innovative solutions, an example of which is the reserved MAXIMUS 600 spreading system, or compositions of shot-blasting mixtures and paints for powder coatings. EXPOM in 2022 is undergoing a refresh of its image. A new logo was developed, and the machines manufactured by it adopted new colors, graphite and red.

Uprawa bezorkowa - Maszyny rolnicze
Maszyny rolnicze


Since the establishment of our company, our goal has been to be close to the earth and live with the earth, which is reflected in all our actions and products. The agricultural machines we offer, such as rollers, cultivators, disc cultivators, stubble cultivators, mulch harrows, meadow drags, subsoilers, grubbers and others, are developed on the basis of many years of experience and in response to the numerous needs of farmers.

Our machines, depending on their nature and purpose, help in compacting, scarifying, picking up, crushing, crushing, breaking up and aerating the soil and hardened soil, as well as scarifying, destroying weeds and mixing seeds with the ground, thus creating the best favorable conditions for the development of future crops.

Technology in agriculture has transformed and increased production and product quality. Nowadays, farmers who do heavy work on farms using traditional and old agricultural tools are losing their health and time. Modern agricultural machinery has improved the entire agricultural industry in unimaginable ways.

From advice to planning to sales, as a company, we strive to be the best partner for anyone looking for agricultural machinery and soil tillage equipment, whether it’s looseners, hoes, rollers, subsoilers, disc aggregates, mulch harrows, meadow drags, tillers, weeders, pre-sowing aggregates and others. We are a manufacturer of agricultural machinery with passion, need and ability to implement any projects that, in our understanding, are able to improve agriculture. As a team of motivated and committed specialists, we devote ourselves to every challenge to the extent that we continue to make a significant contribution to agricultural technology despite the passage of time.

Modern technical facilities, professional machinery, extensive technical knowledge and a proven research department give us the opportunity to design, manufacture and deliver machines that respond to the requirements and expectations of customers and the work they perform.

Gruber AJAX TRIO - Agregaty ścierniskowe - grubery

Thanks to the use of our machines, which include, among others, stubble cultivators, subsoilers, pre-sowing aggregates, rollers, disc aggregates, grubbers, weeders, weeders, mulch harrows or meadow drags, modern agriculture has developed more as a science than an art. The sole purpose of using technology and tools in agriculture is to improve productivity, efficiency and make crops more sustainable, which we are very well aware of.

The agricultural machines available in our store, whether they are openers, cultivators, cultivation rollers, subsoilers, disc aggregates, mulch harrows, meadow drags, grubbers, weeders or pre-sowing aggregates, are one of the basic cultivation tools in which farmers can invest to increase your production. This tillage equipment is also used in the secondary tillage process as it helps break up clods of soil easily, efficiently and quickly, giving it a rich finish and preparing the final seedbed.

It is also worth noting that our cultivation aggregates, meadow drags, cultivation rollers, grubbers, pre-sowing aggregates, mulch harrows, disc aggregates, subsoilers, weeders and weeders also allow farmers to control weeds around plants after planting and cultivation.