everything you need to know about the soil compaction process

Everything about rolling!

Rolling is a type of cultivation procedure, the task of which may be to compact the surface of the soil, crush lumps of the soil crust, or level the surface of the field.

Rolling is a very important agrotechnical operation significantly affecting the quality of crops and the subsequent harvest. EXPOM has been specializing for almost 30 years in the production of cultivating rollers in all configurations. Before buying a roller, it is worth knowing a number of details about the purpose and construction of the discussed tillage machines.

Rollers mounted on the front and rear three-point linkage of the tractor, this group includes such machines as: PROGRES

Hydraulically foldable, trailed, in this group are such very popular and reliable rollers: JACEK | TYTAN | MAXIMUS

Sharp, hydraulic folding, trailed, stands out in this group GLADIO, additionally flooded with water

Our rollers are equipped with CAMBRDIGE, ZIG-ZAG, CAMPBELL, STEEL PACK rings. Each of them performs its own separate role and has a specific purpose.

The direct benefits of using EXPOM arable rollers are:
  • leveling the field and breaking the lumps
  • improving the contact of seeds with soil, which has a significant impact on the east
  • moisture retention
  • reduction of soil erosion
  • improvement of soil structure

The rollers can also be successfully used for post-harvest cultivation in order to accelerate the process of decomposition of straw and post-harvest residues as well as the germination of sprinkled seeds, including weed seeds. Rollers are also used on grasslands.