Mulch harrows are used for stubble cultivation, ensuring even raking and shaking out of seeds, which fall onto the loosened soil and germinate quickly under the layer of mulch. Ensures the destruction of shallow-rooted weeds and self-seeding. Evenly levels the field by raking up crop residues, while shallowly cover the seeds of the aftercrops. The harrow is used to prepare the field in simplified cultivation without plowing or in direct sowing. The mulch harrow also helps to care for grassland and ensures raking and spreading of plant residues, cutting the turf, partial destruction of weeds and leveling of molehills. The FOX XL can additionally be equipped with a disc section, and the whole machine has a hydraulic adjustment of the angle of attack of both discs and spring tines separately.

Mulch Harrow FOX XL

  • 3-point hitch
  • 5 rows of spring tine tines Φ16 mm
  • hydraulic tine attack angle adjustment
  • support feet
  • hydraulically folded frame with 2 cylinders
  • transport protection of the wings
  • varnish coat with enhanced parameters
  • disc section
    • corrugated discs Φ460 mm
    • rubber protection of each plate
    • hydraulic adjustment of the discs’ attack angle
  • LED lighting

Technical data

|m| 4,8 6 7,2
|id| 1418 4019 4020
|kg| 1260 1340 1440
|KM| 80+30 100+40 120+50
|szt.| x2 40 50 60
|szt.| 32 40 48