Sharp roller hydraulically foldable, trailed

6,3 m

GLADIO cultivation and meadow rollers are hydraulically folded and pulled by modern machines, in which we use a knife roller with a diameter of 840 mm. They are intended for post-harvest cultivation of fields and for use after catch crops.

D=610 pipe with 15 knives made of HARDOX special steel. The knives are arranged along the steel pipe every 24 degrees. Each section of the shaft has flood plugs which, flooded with water, regulate the weight of the machine. Recommended working speed 17-23 km/h. In addition, each working element is secured for transport, where a pin inserted between the hole in the frame and the shaft section locks it. These rollers have a simplified unfolding system, where after unlocking the beam blocking the frame segments, the machine unfolds the side sections when reversing. Then all roller sections are lowered by means of the actuator. The rollers can also be successfully used for post-harvest cultivation in order to accelerate the decomposition of straw and post-harvest residues and the germination of seeds, including weed seeds. These machines are also used on grasslands.


The simplified unfolding system allows the use of only one hydraulic cylinder to unfold the machine to the working position.

For maximum benefits, it is recommended to work at a speed of not less than 12 km/h.


Knife sections flooded with water have amortized bearing, i.e. a ball bearing with a rubber shock absorber around. this excludes the transmission of vibrations from the sections to the frame and even better contact between the knives and the stubble.


Standard equipment

➲ upper|lower hitch of the tractor

➲ stable support foot

➲ frame with one hydraulic cylinder

➲ segmental frame blocking bar

➲ cylinders extending the wheels, facilitating the unfolding of the machine

➲ road wheels: 400/60-15.5

➲ flood and drain plugs – 2 on each side

➲ knife shaft Ø840 mm, pipe D=610 mm with 15 knives mounted on it, made of special HARDOX steel, knives are arranged along the steel pipe every 24 degrees

➲ ball bearing with rubber shock absorber all around

➲ patent for a unit for grinding post-harvest residues and catch crops

➲ varnish coating with improved parameters

➲ securing the working elements for the time of transport by means of pins



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Wymagana moc Required power |HP|
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