Reduce erosion

Optimization of crops to increase soil fertility and reduction of chemicals: these are the goals of our maintenance cultivation.



Mechanical weed destruction trend

Weeding was an indispensable operation for the mechanical removal of weeds in crops before herbicides. With the development of chemical preparations, the use of this working operation gradually decreased. Currently, weeding, especially due to legal regulations and changes in the use of chemical preparations, is becoming more and more common.

Crop residue management

Post-harvest crop residue processing is important for several reasons. Crop residues are a source of organic matter, so it is undesirable to leave them in the field unattended. Crop residues can be unevenly distributed, which impairs soil tillage, and the accumulations facilitate the spread of diseases and the reproduction of pests. The management of post-harvest residues can be carried out using the FOX XL mulch harrow.

The amount of terrestrial biomass in the form of straw increases with the increase in grain yields. Straw can be baled after harvesting or crushed and spread on the field with a combine harvester during harvest. In the latter case, it is necessary to spread the crop residue evenly over the entire width of the cutter bar to avoid clustering.

Mulch harrows

What is the mulch harrow used for

The mulch harrow is designed for the initial management of post-harvest residues. Aggressive bars spread crop residue evenly across the field to allow it to be evenly covered during the next tillage method. The straw harrow can also be effectively used for the first shallow stubble cultivation, establishing catch crops, soil preparation, opening and heating the soil in spring or aerating permanent grassland or cereals.


Rotor harrows

Rotor harrow, what for?

The ASTRA rotor harrow is a simple machine in its construction, allowing for precise mechanical weed control from crops, e.g. corn, vegetables, soybeans or other cereals. However, it is important to carry out the treatment at the right moment, when the weeds are still small, just after they have sprouted, because at further stages of their development this treatment will be less effective. Steel pins embedded in a plastic disc, forming a star, are responsible for destroying weeds. This star is set diagonally to the direction of travel, so it works across the direction of travel and thoroughly removes weeds from the entire sowing line.


Inter-row cultivators

Inter-row cultivator

EXPOM in its range has a widely configurable FLEX inter-row cultivators, it improves vegetation conditions in wide-row crops. Inter-row cultivation is an effective method of mechanical pest control; it breaks the soil crust and creates an insulating layer during drought. Thanks to this, the roots of plants have access to the much-needed air, and liquid or mineral fertilizers can be used during weeding.


Meadow rollers

MORS meadow ridges and their usefulness for the soil

MORS meadow rollers are used in the care of meadows and pastures, at football stadiums, golf courses, as well as in the establishment and production of lawns. During rolling, the top layer of the soil is pressed down and water infiltration increases, the development of beneficial soil microflora and the decomposition of organic matter is accelerated.