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Modern agriculture

The no-tillage system does not use plows, but different machines such as disc cultivators, shallow and deep tillage cultivators, combination machines or subsoilers.

The pursuit of minimizing the costs and time needed to prepare the soil for a specific crop resulted in the method of no-plough cultivation. The main advantages of no-tillage are lower fuel costs, time and manpower savings, combined with a reduced risk of erosion and an increased soil capacity to hold moisture.

What to use?

Chisel cultivators or heavy duty disc cultivators with maximum working depth are most commonly used for basic soil tillage in no-tillage systems. The basic cultivation of the soil usually takes place to a depth of 25 cm, followed by the sowing of the crops. Pay attention to respecting the set working depth, the amount of harvest residues on the soil surface and the uniform leveling of the surface.

Fast, cheap and effective

LECH or WICHER, AJAX TRIO cultivators are highly versatile tools, including for shallow soil cultivation, ensuring an excellent mixing effect, important for even mixing of the cultivated soil with crop residues (in the case of AJAX TRIO). heavy soils, where it is possible to work at the optimum depth level while maintaining the assumed working speed, maintaining a high mixing effect.

The construction of REX disc harrows allows the use of machines for soil cultivation at a depth of up to 20 cm. A solid frame combined with a large clearance and large diameter of the discs allows for trouble-free soil cultivation and qualitative mixing of the plant mass, even in fields with large amounts of post-harvest residues, e.g. after harvesting corn for grain, when using organic fertilizers or catch crops.

Cultivation rollers

The detail is in the rolling

Cultivating rollers – and their simplicity inherent in the detail of modernist cultivation. What are cultivation rollers? The rollers are designed to improve the contact of seeds with the soil, reduce its erosion, improve the structure, level the field and break up clods. The rollers perfectly retain moisture in the soil, and their proper configuration will provide the farmer with well-maintained, high-quality soil, ideal for the emergence of the plant.

Direct benefits

We present high-quality cultivation rollers, knife rollers, attached to the front axle of the tractor, used for pre- and post-sowing cultivation, as well as on grasslands. The direct benefits of using rollers are leveling the field and breaking clods, improving the contact of seeds with the soil, which significantly affects the east, retaining moisture, reducing soil erosion, improving soil structure.

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Disc harrows

Shredding stubble

The main task of disc aggregates is to scarify, loosen and crumble the soil. Disc aggregates are quite widely used, because they can be used to mix lime, mineral fertilizers, manure or stubble with soil. Disc aggregates can easily replace plowing.

Disc aggregates scarify, crumble and break up the soil layer. The discs are made of solid and special quality steel resistant to many external factors. The working parts of the device are equipped with appropriate protective elements, which increases their durability and makes them less vulnerable to damage, especially when working on soils with a lot of stones.

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Why you should rotate your stubble

Quick stubble chopping is one of the most important operations in soil cultivation. According to proper agricultural procedures, this should be done as soon as possible after harvest. Stubble breaking ensures proper management of soil moisture, quick emergence of weeds, thus preventing the subsequent spread of weeds in the field

Preventing the growth of unwanted seeds

Unwanted grain seeds can be controlled quite easily by mixing them with the upper parts of the soil profile using, for example, a disc harrow. When using cultivators, care must be taken that the cereal seeds are not inserted too deeply, as they may appear in the newly formed crop.


Rolnictwo regeneratywne - rolnictwo węglowe

rama ciągana skł. hydr.

Rolnictwo regeneratywne - rolnictwo węglowe

rama skł. hydraulicznie

Rolnictwo regeneratywne - rolnictwo węglowe

rama sztywna

Rolnictwo regeneratywne - rolnictwo węglowe


Field cultivators

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What to use aggregates for

The cultivation set is used for leveling and precise preparation of the seed bed before sowing. Perfect leveling of the soil profile of the cultivated field after previous treatments is an essential and basic element of seedbed preparation.

Pre-sowing cultivator

It is used for pre-sowing soil cultivation by loosening and piling up the top layer of the earth, as well as removing weeds or breaking up the hardened surface of the substrate. The pre-sowing unit ideally supports the process of soil compaction and thus improves its infiltration with groundwater, which significantly improves the conditions for future crops, regardless of their nature. The pre-sowing cultivator, thanks to its design and unique solutions, can be used on all types of soil, be it medium, light or heavily encrusted.

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Light cultivators

Thanks to their low weight, LECH cultivators are ideal for spring soil cultivation. On light soils, they can also perform field cultivation immediately after harvest. The construction based on the working elements of the harrow in three rows allows you to fight weeds as well as volunteers. Simple design and universal frame make the LECH cultivator reliable in the field.


rama sztywna, zawieszany

rama skł. hydraulicznie,

możliwe podwozie jezdne


Grubery rolnicze


They are designed for deep cultivation and loosening the soil to a depth of 65 cm. By using a subsoiler to loosen the soil, you will get a perfectly loosened soil structure with enough pores to allow the movement of air, water and nutrients.

Subsoil tillage can be used as a replacement for standard tillage with less draft requirements, fuel consumption and higher productivity. Deep cultivation with a subsoiler should be supplemented with profile fertilization.

Operation of the subsoiler in the toughest conditions

The mounted subsoilers enable soil processing up to a maximum working depth of 65 centimeters. This is due to the high usability of the frame, the arrangement of individual tines, their protection, spring (AXE) or spring or bolt (PEGAZ EVO) and, above all, a very solid construction of the main supporting frame, made of high-strength steel.

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Stubble cultivators

Gruber AJAX TRIO - Agregaty ścierniskowe - grubery

What to use stubble aggregates for

The stubble cultivator is designed for shallow or deep soil cultivation, depending on the selected working depth. During the year, it can also be used for seedbed preparation, for example in fields with more crop residues.

Stubble cultivators are primarily suitable for the cultivation of light and medium-heavy soils, where it is possible to work at the optimum level of depth while maintaining the set working speed, so as to obtain a high mixing effect.

The most important advantages of EXPOM stubble cultivators

Stubble aggregates guarantee optimal conditions for mixing and loosening the soil thanks to working elements working on three transverse rows of the machine frame. The soil is optimally worked over the entire working width of the machine. The following types of leg protection are offered: shear bolt and spring protection (double spring). The choice of the appropriate protection due to the type of working conditions guarantees trouble-free operation. The AJAX TRIO stubble cultivator is designed for post-harvest and no-till soil cultivation. The large clearance prevents the machine from clogging, and the arrangement of the tines in three rows ensures that the harvest residues are well mixed. This type of cultivation retains moisture in the soil, provokes the germination of weed seeds and accelerates the decomposition of crop residues. Discs mounted on flat springs perfectly crumble and break up clods of soil. The tines are finished with coulters with the so-called wings, where work is recommended at a depth of 15-20 cm, and after removing the wings, it increases to max. 35 cm.

Gruber AJAX TRIO - Agregaty ścierniskowe - grubery