ASTRA rotor harrows are used to loosen the soil and remove weeds. They can be used in all soil conditions, they are especially useful for very dry soil. The rotating stars used perfectly break the soil crust. The weeds are uprooted and stay on the surface as the soil is heavier and falls to the ground faster. Harrows can be used in almost all crops such as corn, sunflower, soybeans, etc. with a plant height of 10-25 cm. Driving speed 10-25 km / h. Rotating stars are made of special cast iron, mounted on rolling bearings. They are pivotally attached to a special 25×25 mm spring tine, which ensures adequate pressure. The high speed of the harrow's operation reduces costs and shortens the time of maintenance treatments. 

Rotor Harrow ASTRA

  • rotating stars Φ550 mm
  • spring tines 25×25 mm
  • support feet
  • Cat. II and III coupling pins
  • lateral distance between the tracks of the rotors 120 mm
  • foldable hydr. by 2 cyilinders
  • varnish coat with enhanced parameters
  • LED lighting

Technical data

|m| 4,2 6,2
|id| 5001 5002
|kg| 1040 1415
|KM| 75 90
|szt.| 36 52