The PEGAZ EVO subsoiler is an agricultural tool used for crushing, airing the soil and deep (400 to 600mm) loosening of the subsoil in order to improve its physical and biological properties. This agrotechnical effect is mainly achieved by aerating and irrigating the lower layers of the soil, which favorably affects the development of plants with a deeper root system. Subsoiling is most often used in soils for the cultivation of sugar beet, as well as rape or alfalfa. This procedure is performed in a given field once every few years (3-5 years). Water reservoirs in the spring are a practical indicator for the use of a subsoiler. After subsoiling, the soil does not require deep plowing and sowing is possible with the use of tillage tools.

Subsoiler PEGAZ EVO

  • 3-point hitch
  • spring protection
  • adjustable spacing of bodies
  • tines made of steel sheet, thickness 30 mm, reinforced with hardox
  • point depth adjustment
  • tubular roller Φ540 mm
  • varnish coat with enhanced parameters
  • front support wheels 10.0 / 75-15.3 manually adjustable
  • 12 mm spring comb
  • V-RING roller Φ600 mm
  • LED lighting

Technical data

|m| 3
|id| 4205
|kg| 1530
|KM| 120-130
|m| 3
|id| 4206
|kg| 1475
|KM| 160-170
|m| 3
|id| 4207
|KM| 1865
|kg| 170-180