The WICHER pre-sowing cultivator is a modern cultivation machine with working widths from 3 to 4.5 meters (the wind is additionally pulled in the 5.3 and 5.7 m version). The work of this aggregate can be divided into five stages:

1. Loosening of the tracks (ruts after the tractor has passed) with the conditioners with spring tension.

2. Crushing with the use of nine-string front rollers. The front and rear string rollers support the entire unit and are mounted on bearing units.

3. Loosening the soil: this activity is performed by reinforced tines of the cultivator type with the so-called 180 mm wide goose foot.

4. Fragmentation and leveling: at this stage, the main role is played by the rear string roller and the leveling board located directly behind it. The shaft breaks up lumps and lumps, ensuring a very good lumpy structure.

5. Compaction – secondary compaction and final preparation of the soil for sowing are performed by a pin roller with a diameter of 370 mm.

The depth is easily adjusted by means of an adjusting rod.

Field Cultivator WICHER

  • 3-point hitch
  • spiral rippers behind the tractor wheels
  • front string roller Φ335 mm
  • three rows of tines 32×12 mm with reinforcement ended with a 180 mm goose foot
  • Adjustable strip board
  • side covers at the height of the rear string roller
  • rear string roller Φ335 mm
  • rear pin roller Φ370 mm
  • varnish coat with enhanced parameters
  • straight tooth 32×12 mm JACKPOT
  • rear string roller instead of pin roller Φ370 mm
  • LED lighting

Technical data

|m| 3 4 4 HYD 4,5 HYD
|id| 1101 1102 1103 1105
|kg| 1540 1890 2020 2130
|KM| 92-110 120-140 120-140 145-155
|szt.| 20 26 26 30