MAXIMUS cultivation and meadow rollers, hydraulically folded, are pulled with modern machines, in which we use the following working elements:
• Cambridge rings with a diameter of 600 mm they are primarily intended for post-cultivation
These shafts are easily folded out using hydraulics. The direct benefits of using EXPOM cultivation and meadow rollers are:
• leveling the field and breaking the lumps,
• improving the contact of seeds with soil, which has a significant impact on the east,
• moisture retention,
• reduction of soil erosion,
• improvement of soil structure.
As standard, Maximus 600 is equipped with the PRESS CONTROL system, which causes even pressure on the ground of all sections. The rollers can also be successfully used for post-harvest cultivation in order to accelerate the process of decomposition of straw and post-harvest residues, as well as the germination of sprinkled seeds, including weed seeds. These machines are also used on grasslands.

Cultivation Roller MAXIMUS 600

  • working element:
    • cambridge Φ600 mm
  • simple lower hitch of the tractor
  • road wheels: 520 / 50-17 SG Flotation
  • stable support foot
  • frame with three hydraulic cylinders
  • hydraulic accumulators with pressure gauge
  • wheel chocks
  • air brakes
  • PRESS CONTROL SYSTEM causing even pressure on the ground of all sections of the roller
  • varnish coat with enhanced parameters
  • European approval
  • LED lighting
  • hydraulic brake
  • drawbeam

Technical data

|m| 9 12 15
|id| 4008 4009 4015
|kg| 7100 8300
|KM| 190-220 220-260
|szt.| 183 239